2.1 Exterior Colours:
Colours will be approved on an individual basis.

2.2 Allowable Primary Finish Materials:
Only wood, aluminum or vinyl siding, California stucco, hardboard, brick, natural stone or cultured stone may be used for exterior wall finishes.

2.3 Trim Material:
Brick or stone must retreat around corners a minimum of two feet for a height of three feet minimum.

Battens must, when used with stucco, be incorporated on all elevations, not just the front elevation.

2.4 Roofing materials:
Roofing materials for all buildings (except greenhouses) shall consist of cedar shakes or shingles, or heavy duty asphalt shingles or shakes having a life expectancy of 25 years or more. Colours of asphalt shingles or shakes shall be approved on an individual basis.

2.5 Garages
No owner shall have the right to erect more than one detached
garage or shop on his/her lot.  Nothing contained herein shall be construed
so as to give permission for such buildings to be utilized for any business or
commercial purpose.