12.1 Sodding or seeding shall be done as soon as is reasonably practical following construction having regard for weather conditions.

12.2 No person shall alter the existing drainage except in accordance with the drainage plan or as approved by the developer.

12.3 Natural areas of indigenous trees, shrubs and grasses shall be left undisturbed and preserved as natural landscape.  No trees may be destroyed without the written approval of the developer.

12.4 In the event that any fill is placed on any lot, including dirt from excavation for a basement on the lot, or the slope of any lot is changed, the final grade must be such that the flow of storm water onto adjacent properties is no different than it was prior to the addition of fill or change of grade.

12.5 No building, waste, or other material of any kind shall be dumped or stored on the Lands except clean earth for the purpose of leveling the landscape in connection with the erection of a building thereon.